Mesh2Surface Downloads

Mesh2Surface Plug-in

64 bit version for Rhinoceros 5.0 64 bit only
Before downloading, please watch the installation instructions below.

Mesh2Surface fully supports Rhino 6. Rhino 6 is still under development and changes every week. Once Rhino 6 is released there will be Mesh2Surface for Rhino 6 available on our site.

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How to Install

1. Close Rhinoceros if running and install the plug-in.

2. The plug-in is usually installed in C:\Program Files\ADA 3D\Mesh To Surface for Rhino\ (on 32 Bit Windows) or
C:\Program Files\ADA 3D\Mesh To Surface for Rhino

3. Start Rhinoceros. Make sure you run the right version - Rhinoceros 5 (64 bit)

4. Open the directory where the plug-in is installed.

5. Select m2s_for_Rhino4.rhp and drag and drop to the Rhinoceros software. The software should be installed automatically and the menu of Mesh2Surface should appear in the main Rhinoceros Menu.

You can see how this works in this video