What customers say

  "Being a standalone is completely different, and it has parametric modeling. I'm amazed." - comment on our YouTube video

  "Thanks for the great software. It has really helped with our projects." - Model-med International Pty Ltd, Australia

  "With Mesh2Surface built a part in about 2 days, while before that we needed over a week with other reverse and CAD Software to have similar model."

  "Mesh2Surface is great, and I love the new enhancements !!" - Pressure Composites, LLC, USA

  "The software is one of the best packages I’ve ever tried." - Christopher Coltman, HiTechAuto, South Africa

  "The perfect tool for Rhino users to simplify reverse engineering. I love to create physical prototypes with my hands and be able to show them to my clients as physical objects (sorry v-Ray, no rendering can match that experience!). But then, if they like my work, they will ask for a real 3D CAD model. Here is where Mesh2Surface comes to help me. Mesh2Surface is the right tool to convert a 3D scan of my mockup into a regular NURBS model. It can even recognize shapes like cones, spheres, and cylinders" - User review on our reseller's website - novedge.com

  "Mesh2Surface in combination with Rhino brings a best and cheapest way to have a full support even for our complex technical constructions."

  "I use a Next Engine Scanner for my reverse engineering and Mesh2Surface is by far the easiest I’ve ever used, not to mention at a great price. The perfect companion for Rhino and my work."

  "It really is very useful software. It has made reverse engineering on Rhino so much quicker and easier. One of my favourite apps to work with." - Lynton Wepener, South Africa