Mesh2Surface products are developed by KVS Ltd.
    Our expertise dates back in 1996 when our team participated actively in making the first hand-held 3D laser scanner in the world and winning an European IST Grand Prize for this. The 3DScanners' ModelMaker was soon recognised as the best and most accurate scanner in the industry. The KUBE software was a product to drive hand-held laser 3d scanning and post-processing of the resulting data. The outcome was one of the world’s most intuitive and easy to use 3D laser scanning packages on the market. Most of the challenges since then were to create very accurate point clouds, being able to process million of points and generate optimised results. The team was responsible for almost all of the activities related to KUBE software research and development. ModelMaker scanner is still well known now days as Nikon ModelMaker.
  Kostadin Vrantzaliev, the Product manager of the company, was the head of the original KUBE development."Thanks to the requirements on my position, I had the opportunity to visit many customers and understand their needs when scanning phisical objects. 3D Scanning is a great step in the whole pipeline, but it is not on its own - you need to do something with the scanned data. This helped me to understand what people expect and gave me the chance to apply this in development of our products. Based on all this experience, we are happy to provide our products the way they are - simple, easy to use, fast, accurate and efficient.", says Kostadin.
  Using all the experience gathered with partnering 3DScanners London, Metris Belgium and many partners from different locations in the world, our team created the products of KVS Ltd. Our experienced team has a big knowledge of maths, algorithms, design and know how to handle the requirements of the new modern world and expectations of the users. We are proud to hear all the feedback from our happy customers and we are working a lot to make our products as a first class products.

  The company has two offices - Cambridge, United Kngdom and Sofia, Bulgaria.