WEBINAR – 3D Reverse Engineering in SOLIDWORKS with Mesh2Surface Add-in

Wednesday, 23th June 2021
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM UK Time

Have you tried to use scan data in a CAD system? You probably notice that not much can be done with the imported meshes. Even though the scanned results are an accurate representation of the physical objects, they cannot be used efficiently in most CAD systems. SOLIDWORKS is one of these powerful CAD packages, but it misses some of the efficient instruments to manipulate and use imported 3D scan meshes efficiently.

Join this webinar to find out how to convert 3D scanned STL mesh data into CAD models directly in SOLIDWORKS with the Mesh2Surface add-in. Learn how to import, align, and reconstruct fully parametric models from scan data and all this in your familiar environment – SOLIDWORKS.
The webinar is free and lasts about one hour, including the Q&A session.