WEBINAR – Reverse engineering e scansione 3d / Reverse engineering and 3d scanning – Thursday 13 May 14:30 / 16:00

If you are based in Italy or speak Italian – don’t miss this webinar about 3D scanning and QUICKSURFACE which will be held by our partners 3DITALY.

Join this FREE webinar to learn  about the 3D scanning process, data processing and reconstruction of the scan data into CAD models with QUICKSURFACE.

Thursday 13 May 14:30 / 16:00

The webinar is for everyone who is interested in 3D scanning, data processing and how to use the scanned data further in their manufacturing workflow. If you are designer, mechanical engineer, CAD expert, hobiist or just want to learn more about 3D scanning and converting data to CAD models – this webinar is for you