Mesh2Surface for Rhinoceros - Premium option

Quad Surface

Organic free form reverse engineering.
Simple, efficient, fast.

Auto Surface

Automatically create free form surfaces
with hit of a button.

3D Sketch

Draw curves directly on the mesh
to create free form surfaces.

Toleranced 3D Sketch

Keep the quality in control
in realtime while modelling.

CurveNetwork Surface

Build surfaces with real-time control

Extract Shapes

Extracting planes, cylinders, spheres, revolved and extruded surfaces.

Toleranced Patch

Toleranced based free form surface

Deviation Analyzer

Keep your reverse engineering under control

Align object

Using fitted shapes to align object to world coordinate system


Automatically split a mesh based on curvature

Measure Fillet

Estimate radius of the fillet of a CAD edge from underlying mesh

Constraint shapes

Set the shapes to be vertical, horizontal or custom direction

Symmetry Plane

The video shows how to use the symmetry plane.
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Mesh2Surface Standard

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