How to activate Mesh2Surface

1a. If you are using SOLIDWORKS - Launch SOLIDWORKS and select 'License ' from the main toolbar

1b. If you are using Rhinoceros - Launch Rhinoceros and select 'Mesh2Surface \ Activate Software ...' from the main menu

2. Click on 'Copy to Clipboard' button (as seen in the image) and then click on Close button to close the dialog.

3. To obtain a license key, create a new message in your e-mail client and right click in the empty message area. Select Paste option from the drop down menu. The serial number appears in the message body. Enter the email address of your authorized Mesh2Surface reseller and cc us Enter a message reference and include your name details. Click SEND .

4. When you receive the license key (it may be in a personalised PDF file) copy the license key

5. Launch your CAD software and select License activation as in step 1a or 1b. Enter the provided license key into the empty box. Using copy from the PDF and Paste here should prevent any typing errors. Then press Activate

6. Restart the application for the changes to take effect.